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Landscaping Insurance


We specialize in affordable landscaping insurance for lawn care businesses, landscapers and gardeners. Call us for a free quote or to get the policy set up quickly. The costs of a landscapers general liability policy are a necessary business expense and required for a legitimate business operation. You can reduce anxiety and avoid worrying about losing your business because of accidents or lawsuits. The insurance is designed to cover the costs of mishaps that could jeopardize an investment in a company or cause bankruptcy.

Landscaping Contractors

Business owners plan for success and try to avoid obstacles. The insurance for landscapers will enable workers to perform tasks while also being protected from financial risks. Accidents with a lawn care vehicle could cause damage to the personal property of a client. A concrete statue could accidentally fall from a truck and break the steps on a deck or injure a pet. The costs of the repairs could equal or exceed the full amount of the profits from the project.


Gardeners care for plants, shrubs and trees. A client may make a special request about trimming a small shrub and then become dissatisfied because too much had been trimmed from the shrub. The delicate shrub could also suddenly die after being exposed to excessive heat during a heat wave. The client could decide to sue your company for negligence because the client believed that the shrub died as of result of the trimming procedure. Gardeners insurance can help to cover the costs of a lawsuit, which could bankrupt a company.

Lawn Care

Entrepreneurs can have the most inspired business sense and still be blindsided by an unforeseen problem such as a child who has an allergic reaction. The activities in the business marketplace mandate business owners to have general liability insurance that will cover losses and that will also protect clients. Lawn care insurance will help to cover the costs of an injury to a pet or an allergic reaction that had been caused by the chemical spray from a lawn care service. An adequate insurance policy is simply a reflection of professional business etiquette.

Liability Insurance

Landscapers and other business owners will attract more clients if a work environment is considered to be protected. General liability insurance for landscaping permits contractors to concentrate on a project without being consumed by anxiety from the process. If contractors are protected from the costs of damages to the property of a client, then the contractors will have fewer risks. Some business owners simply need to reorganize budget amounts to accommodate for additional expenses, which include the costs of landscaping business insurance. A contractor can use a landscaping insurance quote to make an informed decision about a Landscapers general liability policy.