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Arizona Health Insurance Services, Policies, and Changes

This page explains the types of Arizona health insurance plans available through this website. It will be updated once the open enrollment period begins for new Obamacare health insurance plans. For now Arizona Insurance Quote and our affiliate insurance agency SkyBlue are only offering our free health insurance quote service on our regular Arizona health insurance policies.





Current Arizona Health Insurance Options


These health insurance policy options, as well as any you may learn about through our health insurance quote service may or may not comply with the provisions of the ACA. This isn't necessarily good or bad, it just means that under ACA and Obamacare, major insurance companies were required to create new managed care plans that were specifically designed to be sold at affordable insurance exchanges. These policies are not those new Obamacare plans, as specific information on those plans is not yet available. There are however proven and dependable private health insurance policies for individuals and small groups in Arizona.



Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)


An HMO is a network of healthcare providers that engage in a contract to provide business for one another. Going out of network essentially leaves you uninsured.


Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)


Similar to an HMO, a PPO uses a network of healthcare providers and a pool of insured persons to steer those in search of healthcare toward certain providers who agree to offer treatment at reduced rates for policy holders.


Health Savings Account (HSA)


A health savings account can be either an individual or joint savings account into which funds for health insurance benefits are paid monthly . In a joint account, you and your employer pay into the HSA together in order to raise the speed at which your benefit amount accrues. Your insurance benefit amount builds cash value, and can be removed after a certain period of time at a certain percent of it's policy value, and that amount is subtracted from the account which stays open or 'in force' if you think of it as a normal insurance policy. HSA plans are not good for people with chronic conditions or children, as they do not provide much benefit at all for the early part of their in-force period.





The PPACA, ACA, or 'Obamacare'

The health insurance, hospital, and healthcare systems in this country are undergoing the biggest overall change to the delivery of healthcare and insurance services to the public since the institution of Medicare in 1965. Before that date nearly half of all elderly people in the Unites States had no health insurance coverage, so Medicare was set up in order to guarantee the continued health of our older generations. When the time came in 2010 to help the young adults from the age of 19-26) who were uninsured, as well as the thousands of children who haven't had vaccines to fight against preventable diseases, president Barack Obama and congress responded with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as the PPACA, ACA or Obamacare)

The ACA will change many things about health insurance policies, as well as the rights that people have when dealing with insurance providers and agencies. For more information on Obamacare, it's provisions and the creation of Health Insurance Exchanges (also known as Affordable Insurance Exchanges, HIX, or AIX) please visit the new ACA and Health Insurance Exchange Information page.