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Arizona Life Insurance Policies

Shopping for a life insurance policy is never fun, but Arizona Insurance Rate has the process down to a science so that at least your experience buying a term life, whole life, or burial life insurance policy is professional and painless. We offer free quotes on Arizona life insurance policies and free consultations with our agents to help people decide which of their Arizona life insurance options is the best fit for their state of health and their wallet. Call our affiliated insurance agency SkyBlue Insurance today to speak with an informative and courteous insurance agent at 1-800-771-7758, or click on the free life insurance quote page to request a free quote.




Term Life Insurance - Arizona

Term life insurance is usually the cheapest form of life insurance. This is only true however because it is the least likely life insurance policy to be collected. Term life insurance is life insurance that is only in force or active for a certain pre-selected period of time. Some common lengths of term are 10,20, and sometimes 30 years. essentially when you purchase term life insurance, you're betting the insurance company that you are going to die within the given term. If you do you've gotten a great deal because you've only paid a few hundred dollars per year for a short period of time before collecting your death benefit of $50,000 or more. However, if you go the whole term and do not pass away, you essentially paid thousands of dollars in premiums for an Arizona life insurance policy that all of a sudden is no longer in force because the term ended.


No exam Term Life Insurance in Arizona

Similar to 'term life', except that this type does not require a physical examination which many life insurance policies include as a prerequisite to eligibility. The premiums on these plans are higher because of the added risk to the insurer, but these plans can be a godsend for folks with pre-existing conditions or an inability to make it to the doctors office. A 10 minute phone interview determines eligibilty for this type of life insurance policy.


Whole Life Insurance (universal)

These policies are much less common than they were 50 years ago. Essentially this pricey option in Arizona life insurance coverage is in force until the day you die. Because of the fact that whole life insurance plans are almost guaranteed to be collected, they can be expensive, but it is the only way to make absolutely sure that no matter when you go, your family will be taken care of. Some life insurance policies that are considered whole life but are more affordable are funeral, burial, and pre-needs or final expenses insurance.


Funeral or Burial Life Insurance

These life insurance policies last until the day you die as do "whole life" policies, but the benefit amounts on them are significantly reduced, and they are pre-dedicated to more specific uses. Basically these policies are like whittled down and efficient whole life policies that are dedicated entirely to the expenses of your passing so that family members and funeral service providers don't use your death benefits ineffectively.