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Arizona Homeowners Insurance Policy Options


Get Arizona homeowners insurance policy quotes for free instantly from Arizona Insurance Quote. No matter what size your home is we can make sure that your residence and your assets are safe at all times by helping you compare Arizona homeowners insurance quotes and choose the policy that's just right for your Arizona residence. Your residence is both your greatest asset and your greatest liability if you don't protect yourself from structural damages to it and liability for household accidents. So whether you live in an apartment, condominium or your own home, it behooves you to purchase a reasonable amount of homeowners insurance to protect yourself and your home from both common accidents and natural disasters (although flooding and earthquake must be purchased separately on homeowner policies.)

Many people don't fully understand the concept of homeowner's insurance (HOI) so it's worth taking a moment to explain exactly what Arizona homeowners can expect when they're shopping for HOI .


What is HOI (Homeowners Insurance)

*Homeowners insurance is any insurance policy that while in force protects your home from damages, and your wallet from liability. By this definition homeowner's insurance is something that even people who do not own a home could use, and that is true. Homeowner's insurance is a great investment for anyone who can't afford to be without shelter- that is, everybody. HOI can protect your house, apartment, or condo from damages stemming from bad wiring, construction mistakes, vandalism, and many other risks or "perils" to thestructural integrity of your home.

But that's not all HOI does; The other important part of an Arizona homeowners insurance policy is the relief from household liability. If someone falls down inside of your house and you don't have an HOI policy, the injured party has the right to sue you for hospital bills, mental anguish, time off of work, and other damages. HOI policies would cover these personal-injury-type damages, as well as preventing you and your estate or family from being liable for any such damages.

The types of HOI are standardized for common purchase. Not every option available to Arizona Homeowners, renters and other tenants are here listed however and other specific options may be available in special situations. Another great resource available to the public is the PDF, The 2009 Arizona Insurance Department Consumer Guide to Homeowners Insurance which however outdated, is still a valuable resource for someone who may not have ever purchased homeowners insurance. The best course of action if you have questions about your homeowners insurance options in Arizona is to call a SkyBlue Insurance agent immediately 1-800-771-7758

  • HOI-1 Basic Homeowners Insurance: This basic policy form provides home-coverage against 11 listed perils; usually contents are included in this type of coverage, but those contents must be explicitly enumerated. Those 11 common perils include fire or lightning, windstorm or hail, vandalism or malicious mischief, theft, damage from vehicles and aircraft, explosion, riot or civil commotion, glass breakage, smoke, volcanic eruption, and personal liability. Exceptions include floods, earthquakes. Most states no longer offer this type of coverage.
  • HOI-2 Broad Form Homeowners Insurance: This form is more advanced and provides coverage against 17 listed perils (including all 11 included in the basic HO1). The coverage is usually a "named perils" policy, which lists the events that would be covered.
  • HOI-3 Special Homeowners Insurance: The typical, most comprehensive form used for single-family homes. The policy provides "all risk" coverage on the home with some perils excluded, such as earthquake and flood. Contents are covered on a named peril basis. (Note: "All Risk" is poorly termed as it is essentially named exclusions (ie, if it is not specifically excluded, it is covered))
  • HOI-4 Renter Insurance: The "Tenants" form is for renters. It covers personal property against the same perils as the contents portion of the HO2 or HO3.[10] An HO4 generally also includes liability coverage for personal injury or property damage inflicted on others.
  • HOI-5 Premier Homeowner Insurance: Covers the same as HO3 plus more.
  • HOI-6 Condominium Coverage: This coverage is designed specifically for the risks facing condominiums and their owners.
  • HOI-8 Classic or Older Homes: This is for people residing in older homes whose replacement value far exceeds market value due to collectability, or historic or monument status.